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Your love story, unfiltered.

More memories,

less posed moments.

Hi, I'm Krista!
I believe the best photographs aren’t found in awkward poses or staged backdrops.
They’re found in real life.
Real moments.
The right place at just the right time; the right people in just the right light.
It all just seems to fall together, as if by magic.

Simple. Real. Unfiltered.

let's plan your special day!

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You and your loved one are about to take on a whole new adventure.

Couples portraits are perfect for capturing the magical moment of your engagement or taking photos to announce your engagement to the world.

intimate wedding

In a day of larger-than-life weddings broadcasted on television and posted all over social media, it seems like so much of the intimacy of weddings has been lost in the shuffle.

I love intimate weddings, whether it’s 1 guest at City Hall or 20 of your closest friends at your favorite camping site or cottage venue.

Your wedding may be small, but the love you’ll feel is immeasurable.


Capture more than special occasions and portraits with a lifestyle photoshoot.

There’s a time and place for poise and posing, but those are so few of the moments you cherish.
The moments you look back on that make you laugh and cry and talk for hours around the bonfire are nearly always the little ones - the moments in between the moments.

if you prefer experiences over things,
if you crave full presence over digital screens,

welcome to my tribe.

I live, love, and work in Toronto

but I’ll travel wherever love takes me.

work with me!


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